~ Férus ~

Le Frameworks Élégant en RUby et SDL

coding with ferus

Ever wanted to create games?

Férus aims to be a simple frameworks to develop little games with ruby. At least for curious people and newcomers in programmation who desire a playful learning. Coding a game should never deals with code.

Developping with Férus is Fast, Easy and Pleasant. Indeed it is coded with Ruby, which certainly is the most Elegant thing in Férus.

Let's try it out, it's free software.

picture from the tutorial

Try it, learn it!

Start right now with our first tutorial. How to build a simple wall-breaker game from scratch with Férus (we provide the graphics) in a few lines of code.

Go further

Wanna learn more? Wanna help? Search into the site for what you want. Dive into the code and the documentation or search in the official forums. Férus is still young but it's growing fast.